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My doorbell rang at 10:00 am on a sunday morning and I knew exactly who it was. Do you also have those friend who are over punctual and are unapologetic about it? Those who arrive on the dot and exactly where you agreed to meet? That for me would be Fabi. It sounds like a German cliché, but Fabi is a German and he spells punctuality with a capital P. He even told me he waits in the car if he happened to be five minutes too early.

Punctuality and myself are close friends but sometimes, I purposely come a little bit later, If I had to put that in percentage, the punctuality part would be 90% while “a little bit later”, the Kenyan side of me would be 10%.

I picked up the helmet, backpack and my keys and ran out of the door and down the stairs. I said my hello´s and told him to give me a minute so I could go get Scott, Scott is the name of my bike. No judging! I am pretty sure there are enough people out there like me who give names to their cars, bicycles, plants and whatever.

Scott The bike

I had put air into the wheels the day before but I had forgotten about the lubrication, Scott had been having his winter rest in the cellar. For reasons very familiar to everyone, winter is cold and snowy and sometimes very Icy. Since I do not appreciate frozen hands, ears and face, Scott gets a well-deserved winter rest in the cellar.

So where was the lubrication again? The last time I had seen it was in the car. I lubricated the front and back derailleur, the chain and chain rings and the hub. I put on my helmet and led the way.

Waterfall of River Leuk

The weather was right and the destination was set. Like any other late April day, the weather was sunny but windy. Wind was good when it was on your back but a challenge if it was blowing right into your face. The destination was Saarburg. For those who already know Saarburg, apologies for the little advert that is about to follow. Please come back after the short break. Saarburg is a small city situated on the banks of the river Saar and is famous for its Riesling wine and the waterfall of the river Leuk. For more Information, Wikipedia that.

The bike tour to saarburg passed through the villages of Hamm, Kanzem, Wiltingen and Schoden. My favorite part of the route was a 500 meters piece of road between Kanzem and Wiltingen. The reason as to why it was my favorite, was because it was a downhill ride on a cleanly tarmacked road and Scott would just roll down on it like a hot knife through butter.  I would bend over my bike and race down the hill. The wind on my face would make me feel carefree and at peace.

Fabi is a fast rider, so he rolled past me and I had to do the catching up. It felt like the Tour de France. When I finally caught up, I asked why his bike rolled longer than mine although we had similar makes of bicycles. He just smiled and said, “it’s the weight!” “The weight?” I asked with the perplexed look, then he added, “I am heavier than you so, I roll longer than you!” “aha” I replied. I knew I should have paid more attention in the physics classes in High School.


After about an hour we arrived in Saarburg and crossed the Alte Brücke bridge. We took a short break and, on our way, back, that’s when I noticed that my behind was sore from sitting on the bike. I had said it enough times how I wanted to buy the upholstered bike shorts, but I always forgot right after I got home. The route back which extended through the other bank of the river Saar was shorter and despite the Aua on my behind, it only took us about 45 minutes to get back.

I took Scott back to the cellar and walked upstairs to pamper my sore behind and legs.

Task list: Order upholstered shorts.


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