Flowers from Anonymous

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Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash

Seated at my dining table that I had meticulously converted into a home office, I was submerged into my calculation of one of the working papers I was performing as part of the audit procedure for a client.

I sipped on my tee and almost spat it back. It was cold! I was too busy and dint want to walk to the kitchen to get a new one. I was almost forgetting about the tee when my door bell rang. “Who had the audacity of disrupting me at this hour of the day!” The drama queen in me commented.

I walked to the hall way and answered the door bell, Jaaa? I asked irritated “Paket für Sie” I pressed on the door opener and waited at my door.

Well Vee, what did you order this week?” Actually nothing, I was´nt expecting any delivery and this was kind of irritating me. “Were the christmas gifts already making rounds? Its still November!” I thought.

The postman walked up with a rather large box. The box came from a company I did not recognise. I hope he did not interrupt me just to request that I receive a packet for my neighbour. He handed me the box, I thanked him and he left.

Blumeideal! Flowers! By this time I was perplexed. I closed the door then carried the box to the living room and inspected it even more closely. I took my green scissors from my home office table and opened it.

Photo by Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash

Well, what a surprise! They were flowers! I mean, I love myself and can absolutely do something good for myself but I have never had the Idea of sending myself flowers. I guess that would be narcissist.

I took the card out and there was no salutations or the name of the sender. So I took a closer look at the address just to make sure that the postman was not playing funny games on me. My name and address were written in bold at the top side of the box.

I found my phone, took some pictures and send it to my best friend. With the title, “Emergency! What to do!”
She called me immediately and we started brainstorming on who could possibly be sending me flowers. We went through all the admirers and friends that we knew were capable of sending flowers.

She proposed to send a text message asking each person if they had send me a packet and whoever said yes would be the culprit.

So I send a text message to the first one asking if they had send me a packet. They affirmed and I was relieved.

I took the colourful roses, prepared them, put them in a vase and on my hallway table. I was happy to have received them and I had a very happy and fulfilling afternoon.

By Nessa.


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