No Drive Through!

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Leni looked at me with the “should we drive through?” question in her eyes. I was thinking “well, its illegal but I am in for an adventure”. At this moment my eyes were glowing and I was already doing the happy dance inwardly.

Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

We were on our way to Erbeskopf, the highest mountain among the mountain ranges of Hunsrück. It had snowed quiet heavily in the mountains, but the streets had been cleared and the trees covered with snow looked like a winter fairy tale.

Leni and I were deep in The Conversation, Usher ft. Alicia keys’s song was playing in the background while I enjoyed the view and the seat warmer in Leni’s new Audi A5 Sportsback. The Navi showed that we were on L164 and heading in the right direction, but right in front of us in the middle of nowhere there it was! The red and white road block with an extra message written in bold warning that the road was closed from Friday 8 am to Sunday 20 pm.

After about 5 mins of contemplating, a grey volvo XC60 came and stopped about 2 meters behind us. The driver weighed the situation and was probably cursing us for stopping in the middle of the road. ” If he drives through we will follow, if he turns we will turn” I said “okay” Leni replied.

She had not finished speaking when the volvo rushed passed us on to the oncoming traffic lane and sped away. Leni (a very good driver) pressed on the gas pedal, followed suit and on we were to our new adventure.

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

We lost sight of the Volvo for a while but after about 10 km we saw that it had stopped and there were about 3 police cars round about it. F*** I said aloud. This is going to be an expensive adventure. Should we turn and drive back? Before Leni could answer, we saw the police waving for us to keep on driving. They were waiting right at the last turn to Erbeskopf.

F*** F*** F***, I had never been stopped by the police before. And here i was on my very first true crime and we get ourselves caught. I must have cursed like 10 times.

Inspite of the Nivea dry active deodorant that i had generously used that morning, My armpits and cleavage were producing big drops of sweat (Good for nothing deodorant, i will make sure to try something else, next time).

I guess we made the right decision to drive up to the police stop. They requested for the usual documents, infomed us of our offense and said that the penalty was 20 Euro and that we could pay it on the spot. Leni paid the fine of 20 Euros and they allowed us to drive through.

Photo by Michal Janek on Unsplash

To compensate for the long drive and the fine, we parked the car on the lower side of a hill where kids and adults were sledging. We dressed up warmly and decided to go for a walk. Since the snow was too powdery, we relinquished the idea to start a snow ball battle. Instead, we ate the snow that had collected on the tree twigs that had lost their leaves in autumn. With my red boots sinking deep into the thick snow, we walked up the hill and down along the small brook that was flowing with clear snow water from up the hill.

One adventure was enough for the day. We made sure not to take the same route back home and turned left at the junction where B422 meets the B269.


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    It was the deodorant part for me. Thanks for the read. Looking forward to more 🙂


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