Shower Under the Moonlight

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“It is Kays fault!” my mum insisted

“No it is´nt! it was an accident!” Kay replied.

How the big Geisha soap bar had ended up blocking the drainage was a mistery of its own. This being the case, the bathroom at my mum´s place was out of order and most of my mum´s fingers were point at Kay, an allegation that he vehemently denied.

After more than twenty hours of drive to the airport, flights, stop overs and pick up from the airport, I urgently needed a shower and change of clothes and I was´nt in on waiting for the plumber to come over the next morning.

Photo by Renzo D’souza on Unsplash

On the weekends of my boarding school life, I mostly sat outside in the warm, humid, mosquito filled, western evening air, enjoying the free time and watching the moon before going to Enta (that was the only allowed entainment on Saturday evenings). It was just relaxing to sit on the grass and wonder of the million of people who were gazing at the same moon. People tell of the different things they see on the surface of the moon. For me, it´s a rabbit (No comment on this!). On this particular night, the sky was clear over Kisaju and the moon was high up radiating this mystic light down on earth.

I suggested to take a bath outside. All I needed was a bucket of warm water, soap and towel. My mum would not hear of it. She had something against being out at night. I would normaly have rolled my eyes, but I was not yet tired of living as this was considered highly disrespectful and the consequences alone, would be enough for a topic by itself.

Photo by Lubomirkin on Unsplash

From my point of view, I dint see any need for concern. As a child I had always taken a bath outside with the sunwarmed water and the aunty would scrub my back and butt and made sure I held on her shoulders while she scrubbed my small brown legs that had collected dust from the numerous games we played. She would then sun dry me while I waited for her to finish scrubbing off the dirt from my red bata slippers that had already been numerously patched by the fundi. All this took place under the eyes of my play comrades and my neighbours, only back then it dint bother me or any of us as it was the norm and no one felt ashamed of their nakedness.

The only difference to now was that the next neighbours were about 800m away and with no one to watch, I felt that I had the right and freedom to enjoy my bath under the skies.

After a few pros and contras, my mum inclined to my request but only under the conditions that I find a spot near the house and that my sister keep an eye on me. I raised my eyebrows on the second condition and my sister gave me the ” is she serious” blick. Under my breath, I mumbled something like “She doenst need to keep an eye on me” and ” I can shout if something happens.”

We both finally gave in and I equipped myself with my bucket of warm water, soap and tower and headed outside to have my well deserved bath under the moonlight.

By Nessa


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    Everyone has thus kind of experience.

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      Hahaha,True that!


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