Uncommon Kind of Street Art

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No matter how fast I walked, my two small feet could not keep up with Kay´s big steps. I walked even faster to keep up and avoid the risk of losing him in the people masses. As a result, I was breathing heavily under my blue facial mask that was limiting the flow of oxygen to my lungs. The heat of the midday sun was giving me the rest after seating in the hot matatus for hours on the notorious Mombasa road traffic.

Photo by Art Jamie’s from Pexels

“How far is it?” I asked with an agitated tone.
“Its just behind Archives.” Kay answered as he walked back, held my hand and navigated us through the full and busy Nairobi Streets. These streets that were overcrowded with masses of people walking in all directions and vendors and hawkers selling offering all kinds of goods and services from vegetables, books, facial masks, pens, sweets tea filters and any other household good you might not know you need to hair dressing, manicure and pedicure offers.

We were on our way to find the matatus heading to Kiambu. As I had had the glorious idea of visiting all of my relatives when I got home, Kay had decided to make sure that I arrive at all my destination safely. Probably an incitation from my mum who believed I new nothing about the Nairobi city center.

The first matatu that was about to leave the parking had only one seat left and since we were two, the math was´nt adding up. We walked back to the next matatu which was empty and got in. I looked at Kay with the “Do you see what I am seeing?” Look. He nodded and smiled back. I was totally amazed by the interior decoration. The matatu was a full experience all by itself. Other than the transport from point A to point B rather, it was there to give you a travel experience. I mean, the whole package included.

It had comfotable velvet seats, screens on all sides, pictures of kenyan most renowned gospel artists, wisdom and bible versus on the walls and even an air conditioner! The inside walls had anthrazit like material that was perfectly synced to the colour of the paitings and the lighting. Kenyan most wanted songs were beaming from the multiple speakers mounted on every corner and being projected on the screens for you to follow. I must admit that the probability of forgetting to alight at your destination was extremely high.

If they would have served me Kenyan Chai, I would most definitely have gone two rounds to Kiambu and back. The interior was ripe for Instagram, whatsapp, snapchat selfies which of course we took.

As the driver slowly navigated through the chaotic but functioning Nairobi streets, I noticed the many matatus with the most distinguished paintings and messages. You could tell that the owners had not only put in an investment, but a passion and determination just to make their matatus stand out.

One was in full prince purple with the picture of prince and text of purple rain song. I must admit it looked impressive.
Next came another one in beautiful light brown. It had the face of all the hip hop stars you could think of. From Ric ross, 2 pac, BIG and all the famous stars you could mention.

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

The artists had captured their facials to the detail and for ones, I thought how it would be to have a modern street art competition in Nairobi. A plattform where all the matatus and their owners would come and present their artistic skills and the common mwanainchi would vote for the best ones.

Well, it was just a thought but I smiled at the idea.

By Nessa


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