Dying Bananas

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Me: Lets make a banana Smoothy!
Myself: No, lets make a banana Cake!
I : Noo lets make a banana Bread!
Me: No smoothy is easier.
Myself: you could try a cake, you like trying new things
I: I read somewhere about how to make a banana bread.
Me and Myself looked at I and asked: Where?

As I stood at my kitchen counter, me, myself and I couldnt come to a conclusion on the best option for dealing with dying bananas.
So I said aloud ” Lets ask google”

For banana bread you will need:
-Dinkelmehl number 630!
Me and Myself looked at I with the ” we dont have that in the house” and that was the end of the reading. I mean, who has spelled flour number 630 (dinkelmehl) cosing around in their foodshelves, waiting to be called out to bake banana bread. Well, Me Myself and I dont.

For the banana cake you will need:
-Wheat flour number 405.
now thats a good start!

I was busy with the separating, the weighing and the mixing, when Sia texted me to ask what I was up to. I sent a photo of the baking banana cake. “What! You are baking! I dint know you are a baking person!. Baking person? I asked in astonishment.

Well its the people who love baking and can bake anything at any time. Like the baking show (Das Gro├če Backen” on SAT 1) she added. If that is the definition then I am not a baking person I responded, I rarely bake since I dont know what to do with the cake afterwards.

After about thirty minutes and 180 degrees of heat, the kitchen timer ringed and the brown crust that I saw through the oven glass door, put a smile on my face.

Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

Being the judge and jury on the proceedings of my own cake case, I would give a ruling that it turned out alright.

The dying bananas finally found their place to rest in the cake and Myself was applauded by Me and I on the great implementation of the idea.

By Nessa.


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