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In the silence of the day, while sitting on the ICE from Munich to Mannheim or while on the one hour bus ride from Trier to Luxembourg city, but mostly in the hush of the night, when I am at home and sleep has forgotten my address, that’s when my subconscious mind would take a step back and start reminiscing on the day’s events.

I would smile to myself, open my One Note app and start writing down whatever it is that caught my attention on that particular day. That one thing that I would definitely want to narrate to my best friend.

As I collect beautiful everyday stories, I welcome you to see through my eyes and be part of this wonderful adventure.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Singing Makanga
My mum and I had boarded the Rembo matatu from Kitengela to head to General motors along Mombasa road. We were´nt actually going to GM but rather to Sameer business park. GM was the name of the stage that we were alighting at. Photo by Hobi...
Trials and Temptations
Working during the first week of January is as difficult as the first week of returning to work after a long vacation. Despite the difficulties it is not all disadvantageous. I for one appreciate the less traffic and the uncongested public transport. There are also...
Can’t Let Go
It’s when I sit in the car on my own And hold on to the steering wheel Remembering that I could not steer Myself And you out of this chaos That’s when my throat becomes tight And my nose and eyes get that bitter taste The tears start to flow and my nose starts to run...
The Joys of Childhood
As I leaned on the windowsill of the office kitchen, I looked out towards the water fountain made of eleven holes periodically springing from the recently completed place Guillaume. Both the young and the old found immerse joy in the newly installed water fountain....
A Guide on How to Identify and Deal with Racism – For Beginners
According to oxford advanced learner’s 6th edition dictionary, racism is 1. the unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race; violent behaviour towards them 2. The belief that some races of people are better than others this involves attacks, attitudes...