Georg The Bush

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The first advent Sunday was around the corner, and I still had not yet prepared the time taking advents calendar nor the advent wreath. I was still short of Ideas, but I think I will blame it on the lack of motivation.

While at Hornbach (A hardware store), originally for some hardware, I saw a good set of the fir branches on sale. Right there and then, the Idea was set. As if the store conceptionist always knew what you need. The decorations for the wreath were neatly piled on a stake on the right. You could not oversee them. I grabbed a few gold and red decorations, candle stands, and four candles and that was the end of my budget.

I arrived home and set to work on the project “Christmas Wreath”. Using the green floral wire, I wrapped the fir branches on the round wreath and fixed them firmly. I then added the decorations of red and golden pearls and finally added the four candles for the four advent Sundays. I put the new project at the center of the dining table, assessed it from all corners and was satisfied with the results.

In my attempt to be environmentally friendly, I requested Helmut to get one of those small Christmas trees planted in a pot so I could later transfer it either to a bigger pot for next Christmas or plant it at the backyard. One week went by and then one day out of the blues, Helmut announced that he had found a nice small Christmas tree. Wonderful! I said, it’s about time I thought to myself, he then brought it and place it in the living room. I was a bit confused.

Helmut saw the skepticism in my face and asked if I dint like it. Just to be sure, I asked him if that was the Christmas tree he was talking about. He nodded a yes and gave me a big smile like he had achieved something great.

I just smiled and said as politely as I could. That is a bush! No, it isn’t! He insisted. Yes, It is! I replied. That is a decorated bush. Since I am obliged to win in any argument, I threw in a perplexing question. So, where exactly am I supposed to place the Christmas decorations? Well, It’s already decorated! He Insisted. At this point I was not so sure if Helmut knew how a Christmas tree looked like. So, I brought out my Joker! I took out my phone and googled Christmas tree Images. The comparison ended the disagreement.

Apart from being terribly out of concept, the only positive thing about the bush was that it was planted in a clay pot, and I could replant it in the backyard. That was a plus point for the environment and minus point for the Christmas optic.

Helmut insisted on giving the bush a name so it would be bearable to the eyes. He came up with the name Georg! Georg the bush!

By Nessa.

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