Wait a minute! or fifteen minutes?

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I stood besides my little red (the name of my car) and watched with disappointment what was currently unfolding before my eyes. I pushed back the sleeves of my winterjacket just to be sure that I was not wrong.

It was 06:52 am! in normal cases, I would still have had four good minutes to go. With a bit of faster pace, I would walk through the tunnel underneath the 6 lane road, climb the five steps stairs and walk the two meters to the bus stop of bus number 118 that was situated right next to the Trier Halle.

Normally I would walk for about two minutes and in the next two minutes the Emile Weber double deck bus number 118 would smootly cruise to the extra made bus stop and come to a stop. It would then open its rear door to myself and everyone else waiting to get a bus ride to Luxexpo.

The 06:65am bus had come at 06:52am and that meant that I had two choices, It was either I do a 100 m Sprint or I capitulate and wait for the next bus which was to come in the next fifteen minutes. A quick look at my high heels, computer bag, lunchbag and hand bag and I immediately knew that a sprint was no option. I mean, I can run in high heels but I was not looking forward to breaking anything or spoiling my day before it even started. Morever, I also knew that I would most probably arrive at the bus stop either to watch the bus leaving or already waiting at the intersection lights for a left turn onto Luxemburger street. I must also admit that ones the driver closes the doors. They remain closed! No Mercy for anyone who comes late! Its either you are there on time or you are out.

The wind was cold and it was dark, so I turned to put my bags back into the car and wait for a another fifteen minutes for the next bus when I saw a young lady walking towards me.

Come on girl! its the era of corona which means you wear a mask, dont touch anything, wash your hands, keep distance, no crowds and most importantly, dont talk to strangers!. With the Omikron variation roaming around, you keep strangers at an arms length!

Good morning? can you please help me?

Infront of me stood a young short girl, dressed neatly with a checked waistcoat, a Louis vuitton hand bag (Why do I always look at the hand bags! I hope its not an obsession!) Her short brown hair was tied back in a bun. A large scarf (too large for her) was covering her neck. ( I will blame it on the cold weather, better warm than sorry).

“Good morning”, I replied, how may I help you?

She then made a step towards me, “ooh noo! ooh noo! CORONA! I thought, Just stand your grounds, dont step back!”. My hands were already fidgeting in my hand bag looking for a mask.

” I am looking for the bus stop of bus number 118 to Luxembourg?” she continued.

Sure, just go through that underpass, up the steps and its on your right. I smiled

“Through THAT underpass” she questioned with a perplexed voice

She hesitated a while. I looked at her and back at the underpass. It was a bit dark, was sparingly lit and had a lot of good and bad graffiti sprayed on its walls. That is when I realised how creepy it might have looked from her perspective.

“I am heading the same direction and will walk with you,” I added

“Thats nice of you!” she responded and lit up.

I gathered my many bags, made sure my car was locked, and walked with this stranger to the 118 bus stop at Messepark. Since we had roughly about fifteen minutes to wait, we indulged in an interesting conversation mainly about her, her occupation, her family, friends and boyfriends. A third party would have thought that we were friends of old, when we had barely just met.

The next bus also came four minutes earlier than the normal departure time! wait a minute! what was going on here? had someone changed the schedule without informing me? It was still a few days before the year end so I would need to check the discrepancies on mobiliteit.lu because something was not adding up.

By Nessa.


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